What is Undead Outpost?

Fight the undead! While keeping the bunker's life support systems running... can you survive the onslaught?

In Undead Outpost, you are the lone survivor of a research bunker that has been overtaken by the undead. An experiment being conducted in a neighbouring outpost has resulted in the death and reanimation of everyone there and their mistake is spilling over into yours. Zombies are making their way through the ventilation shafts in search for prey and unfortunately for you, you're the only prey left.

Fight them off with just your trusty machete and keep the bunker's systems running long enough for you to call for help and get the hell out of there. The outpost contains 3 floors and 6 rooms (room positions are randomised each game) and an elevator in the middle to switch floors. The saferoom has an isolated air system and zombies can't get in there, however the other rooms are all being infested by undead coming in through the vent shafts.


How do I escape?

Fix the radio, Call for help, Release the lockdown, Get to the chopper.

Before you can call for help, you'll have to fix the broken radio in the saferoom... don't worry, zombies can't get in there!
Once it's fixed you can call back to base to let them know the situation and request extraction.

Command will then destroy the neighbouring infected base to stop the horde, however, before you can leave you'll have to wipe out the remaining zombies in yor outpost to release the lockdown.
If you survive this, you can then ride the elevator to the surface and get the hell out of there!


How do I stay alive?

You'll need help.

Every time you hit one of the undead your blade will dull slightly and become less effective. Luckily for you there is a weapon sharpening station in the armoury that you can use to get it back to full slashy goodness. You can keep an eye on your weapon sharpness with the weapon bar at the top of the screen.

Your health is important! If you get bitten, your health will inevitably drop. Visit the medbay where there is an automatic health station that can get you back to your mission. Be careful though, the machine needs time to restore its functionality after using it (also, it needs power... what?? See the next section)


What else do I have to worry about?

Zombies aren't the only threat.

The outpost is an underground bunker and requires its own power source, located in the engineering room. If the power trips, it's lights out! Luckily you have your trusty flashlight but med stations and the radio won't work while the power's out so you'll have to fix it to continue trying to get help.

Being underground, the bunker also requires its own CO2 processing system to recycle oxygen. The machine has it's own generator and is prone to breaking down. If this happens, deadly CO2 will begin to fill the bunker and you will eventually suffocate. Make sure you fix it as soon as possible if it fails.


How do I control the survivor?

It's easy!

Undead Outpost uses a familiar 'WASD' control system to ensure you can jump right in to playing.

W = Move up a floor (When in elevator)
S = Move down a floor (When in elevator)
A = Move left
D = Move right
SPACE = Attack
ENTER = Use / Fix

P = Pause


Who made this?

David Farquharson and Scott Dowie are Computer Science students at the University of the West of Scotland. This game was a project for their HTML5 & Javascript Game Programming class made using Phaser. Scott and David have a passion for playing and designing new games and this shared love of games like Undead Outpost led to many more ideas for future games.

David is a semi-professional music producer and sound designer. If you liked the music in the game, you can listen to more on Spotify and Soundcloud